I can't say that I forgot. I will never forget. You were my everything for long time. You were my best friend for two years and I loved you but you didn't know.
And when it happend, when I finally told you and you told me it was like magic. I knew that we are something special, we always had this kind of connection between us nobody really understood. But we never cared.
With you I never tought about being alone or with someone else.
You were the sweetest guy on earth, you always told me that you get it that I'm young and I'm not ready for everything.
You said you fucking understand, what happend?
I remember how excited I was to celebrate our month /haha/ anniversary at my house alone. I don't know how I could be that naive..
That night, everything you said about accepting that I'm not even 15 just died. You did it, I cried I think I even screamed and tried to push you away through everything you fucking did it against my will.

I was so stupid, I should have known, but I was so madly in love with you I ignored that night, i acted like nothing happend, like that nigh never happend. We were together for almost 8 months, I stopped dancing because you hated how much time I spended at practice, I stopped talking to my best friend because you said she is not good for me.
I stopped with everything but not with you.

After eight months you fucking told me you just wanted someone to have sex with. Yeah..You told me that I'm terrible girlfriend and I don't deserve you. So you broke up with me .
And after a month I heard from some people you are crying all night long alone&drunk because I LEFT YOU? You fucking made up our break up so you would be the sad boy and I'd be the bitch who left you.
After four years, I can't believe how stupid I was, how naive I was about love. I'm so greatful to you for leaving me even it took me three years to really leave you and not to wake up when you're calling me in the middle of the night.
I cried, I prayed to forget you, I wished to die, I wished you were never born, I wished I was never born, I was blaming you, I was blaming myself.

And today, all I wish for is to trust and love again.