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i love all flowers :) Well what girl doesn't love flowers, haha?? But here in this article, i'll share with you a few of my favorite flowers. When i'm on WHI or tumblr, i love to give and to get pictures of flowers. Sometimes i'm lucky enough to be given flowers in my real life. Nothing melts my heart like getting a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. The smell is so sweet and they look so pretty. Pink roses are my favs, but what i really like is pink and white roses mixed together. Soooo many people share my love of flowers. One of my dreams is to open a lovely flower shop someday so that i can share my love with everyone.

Pink roses are just so wonderful <3

flowers, rose, and pink image rose, pink, and flowers image flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, pink, and rose image
aren't they just so lovely?

White roses are so pure and perfect

rose, flowers, and white image flowers, rose, and white image flowers, white, and rose image flowers, girly, and pink image
white roses are like clouds of loveliness

Pure Magic :)

So what happens when you put beautiful pink roses together with clouds of lovely white roses???? Pure magic is what happens :)

flowers, girl, and pink image rose, flowers, and pink image flowers, rose, and pink image flowers image

flowers make the world a better place. some say diamonds are a girls best friend, but i say its flowers, haha. flowers are humble and beautiful and lovely and flowers just seem to make a girl's world go around :) flowers are the secret ingredient in girl power. they're the secret cure to when you just feel down. flowers are sweet and romantic and most of all flowers are just so lovely.

if you share my love of pink and white roses, checkout my flower collection. today its a WHI collection, but someday maybe i will have my own flower shop

so much lovely pink and white <3