so a lot of new music was just released. there is Luv is Rage 2 by lil uzi vert. that album in my opinion was over hyped, but i'm not a huge fan of his music. also Fifth Harmony by 5H3. that album was okay. I personally prefer there other 2 albums my favorite was their debut album but this one defiantly has some bangers on it. Cozy tapes vol.2: too cozy by A$AP Mob. I liked it it had some hype songs and some chill songs and 3 skits i believe which i thought was really cool and funny. Lastly I listened to Freudian by Daniel Caesar. I am a big fan of all his music. It is like love music but so chill. It doesn't get you all in your feelings but you might think about someone when you listen to it ya know. I would 10/10 recommend. Well if you actually read this and liked it give it a heart and i might do more.

- cori :)