I believe.
Two amazingly strong words that can change everything in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes, well, most of the time, we struggle to find our place in the world. We find ourselves completely lost or doing what everyone else is doing... As I like to call it, going with the flow. We believe what everyone else tells us, but we never believe in ourselves.

Why is it so hard to believe you´re capable of following your dreams?
Why is it so hard to believe in yourself?
Why is it so hard to believe?

Simple, we use our time and energy on other people. We focus on other people. We focus on what they can do that we can´t. We focus on what they say about us. We focus on what we do wrong instead of how much we have improved. I don´t know if you´ve noticed, but they say that if you want to move on from a heartbreak you gotta love someone new. Well, instead of loving someone else, you should start loving you. Same thing with believing, start believing in YOU and you will believe it too.

Do anything, but let it produce joy. They say life is about finding ourselves; it´s not, it´s about creating ourselves.

I don´t know about you, but I believe in dreaming. I believe that there´s still kindness in this world. To be kind is to show another struggling soul that there´s still kindness alive. Dream and dream BIG. We´re all struggling, we´re not all the same, we´re here for a reason, we´re here to let the world know our name.

-Troye Sivan, Walt Whitman.