I lived through the past days
To write these words
Was i just floating on the rift?
Did my choices led me here?

Was i dreaming or did i saw whats on the other side
It started out of nowhere
I was walking down the street
It all looked soo familiar,A cold wave travelled down my spine
I could smell rust
With a gentle breeze it started
There was red snow falling.As it touched my had,It melted into blood.
I was alone in this crimson place,
My scream echoed. As my own voice damped away,I could hear a faint tune far from here,I followed the tune .
Suddenly i realised as i got closer
I was hearing " paint it black".In a moment i find myself in front of
A large gothic building.The walls are cracked,Dry blood grew along its surface.I opened the huge door and walked in.

The song stopped ,"Was i lured here" i spoke to myself,I walked down the claustrophobic corridor to reach a great hall.The smell of leather and carpet
filled the room which was poorly lit.
The bright beam of light came out of nowhere, it lit up a white screen behind me In that moment i saw thousands of
Empty seats in front of me."Its a theatre".I looked up to see the crystals in the chandelier reflecting dim lights dusty memories suspended in the air became visible from the projectors beam

I realized i have become a spectator
As i saw myself getting buried on the screen,there were few people present
Some of them i expected some i did not know But the one who i would die for was not there for me at the end.
It was two late yo realise someone was holding my hands ,I looked aside to see death,she was smiling.

She told "i know you love me ,you want me to come to you so badly,i hear you calling out for me in your worst days, but dear, there is still time between us .im looking forward to this day"

She pointed at my funeral
She closed her eyes and leaned in planting a kiss on my lips,i could not move i felt paralysed in her embrace .My eyelids closed by itself
All i could see was black,i can feel myself slowly descending downwards
And soon it was a fall .i gasped for air, i opened my eyes.The clock stared at me,it was 3 in in the morning