This was a normal Wednesday with which did not differ other days.From the window could be seen at machines in high speed and people who, as usual, rushed somewhere.The sun shining even through tightly closed black curtains.I'd better now sit in the park and enjoy lunch, but my chef had a work meeting.I could well see that he's terribly worried.His papers fell from his hands, his arms sweat and he constantly adjusted his hair.The phone starts calling and before he is able to answer, Christian Ross enters the door. WHY?Why should he come here? This is a small company, but he owns the Empire. The Dangerous Empire. So why did he come here?

--So, my old friend!Hope you have found the money.-

Why should a chef have to borrow money from a Christian?

-- Get out! - He insists and shows to the door.How rude.I look at the chef and then go out through open door.I hear that most of the employees are talking about what they had just seen.Not every day manage to see Christian Ross.But he's just a rude asshole with money.I entered the toilet and washed my face with water.Then I open my phone and write to Chloe about what just happened. She picks in after a few seconds.

'' In the evening, wait for me with sweets and new 'Supernatural' series.
I smile and go out of the toilet. She knows how to improve my mood.When I get out, I see a sticker attached to the wall. It is written that the chef makes me enter his office.Maybe this rude asshole has already gone and can I get back to work?I enter the cabinet and see that asshole is still there.Chief is now even more often departs through the hair by hand and all the documents that were on the table now are scattered on the ground.What happened?Now looks here looks like a war room than a cabinet.--Am, Riley-Chief once again adjusts his hair and when he again tries to start the sentence, it rudely breaks that asshole.

--I bought you, sweetheart.-