Ok, it's my first article. I'm little nervous, becouse I'm from Europe and I suck in English witch is my second language. So please, don't judge me! I'm really trying!

Today I woke up and in outside was raining. This morning let me realize that I miss Autumn. I miss cold morning, I miss my super-cozy sweater, I miss laying in bed all day and reading a book, or just watching TV show ( now, I'm watching Game Of Thrones. I'm in love with it). This raining day let me feel like it's autumn. Then I was younger i hate autumn, becouse of school. But now I adore this season of the years. Not that I can lay in bed all day, but of the beauty of nature. Then trees change his leaves and that smell in forest, how all animals are calm and geting ready for white winter and then rain drops are laying in the ground or just hit in my window.

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Let's forget it's August (not for long.Cha!) and just enjoy raining summer days. I know, a lot of you guys wait summer all 9 months, so I am, but if we enjoy that raining summer days, summer be much better. Belive me.