I'm attracted to him in the most complex of ways. It's not his look or his style. It's just the vibes he gives me. Just being in the same room makes me wonder is there such a thing as "meant to be". I feel I'm in the doorway of something new. Something interesting and adventurous. And I haven't even said, "Hi" yet. His eyes were even more intriguing. I'm not sure if he was trying, but they just baited me.

Maybe he was trying to allure me, trying to pull me in and then throw me right back in the ocean. But when I looked at him, I got this feeling that he knew. Possibly he knew that there was something there. Something worth exploring.

Maybe someday... maybe one day we'll both step inside and see.

Or otherwise, it's just my imagination deceiving me again playing off of my need to be noticed.

Either way, it felt nice.

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