Well, hello everybody! I don't know if someone is going to read this, but I'd like to do an introduction of myself. My name is Sara Bakvis (you probably already know this) and I live in The Netherlands. I love my country and the people there, but I do hope I get to travel the world and discover new places when I get older. That's why I started my WHI account with a ''traveling'' collection. I now have a lot more collections and I have my own view on how to make it my own style. I seriously get my inspiration from here and that's why I love it!

I've always wanted to make articles, but I've never known how to and what to talk about. I guess WHI is a good place to post them and I hope you'll like them. If you want to post an article, but you don't know what to talk about, I have some tips:

1. Hobby's, you can always talk about things you enjoy the most because it's a topic you obviously love! So, talking about it wouldn't be that hard, would it?
2. Places, I love to talk about cities and their shops! Like, where the good clothes stores are and what to do there.
3. Your collections on WHI, you can talk about why you chose to make that collection and why you love it so much.
4. Just about yourself, you can always talk about things in your life and the things you care about the most.

I hope this isn't, like, super cringey! I do hope this is helpful for some people. I really don't know if I'm gonna continue, but you'll see!

Do you have a recommendation of some good articles? I'd love to read some!

x S.B.