Have you ever been self-conscious because of what other people have ever said to you? Have you ever felt hurt by words even though you try not to listen to them?

Don't worry, you're not alone in this.
Definitely with the society we have these days people always feel obligated to give their opinions even though it can be hurtful.

Before I start going on with this article I want to say something in case you leave before you have finished reading this article,

because I want this to stick into your mind:

  • Other people's opinions don't define you as a person. Don't let other people's opinions ever distort your reality.
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In today's society we care too much of what other people think of us.

They go from asking other people's opinions on a new clothing item we bought, to the amount of likes that we get on social media platforms.

Believe me when I tell you that they don't matter.
They don't define you.

People's opinions are based on their own perceptions, on their own insecurities, on their own manners. To make themselves feel better

Have you noticed?
Nowhere stands 'you'
A lot of people give opinions based on their own reality.

Why should you live a life to only please everyone?
And pleasing everyone is not even possible, because there always be someone that will try to negatively effect you by their 'opinion',

Your life isn't yours if you constantly care about what others think of you!
If you always change yourself for others, where are you then?
Why would you give anyone ever the permission to change you?

Your whole life you have lived for yourself. You're the only one that will always stay by your side until the end.

Please, don't give other people the chance to 'define' you. To change you. Because believe me dear person who is reading this, you're already amazing!

I know that it's hard for some people to let that sink in, when we all have an image in our head how it's supposed to be. How we 'should' be, because we feel insecure.
So, what if that actually was true? Would we be truly happy if we had the 'ideal' weight and the 'ideal' face.

No. I'm positive that we would not be truly happy if that was the case, because every time someone will always have an opinion on us. There will always be someone that would try to bring us down.
We would find new things to hate ourselves, even though you were the most perfect human being that has ever existed.

Don't. Ever. Ever. Let your light spirit and soul be destroyed by someone else's negative and jealous unnecessary words.

You might not even see their words as negative and destructive because of the person that said it or because they tried to sugar coat it. But you can notice it if it hurts.

Remember this quote:
"How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you."

Let you define yourself.
Be the best person you can be, for others but most importantly for YOURSELF!