Hi there,

I know I've just posted my first article (which really isn't an article, just an introduction), but I need to get this out of myself.
I like reading fanfictions, I do that a lot. So a few moments ago I read one of my favourite stories (again) and there was a part which brought tears to my eyes. In that particular part the mother (who is such a good, strong and loving mum) was crying because a former colleague of hers passed away, and then her little son ran up to her and said "Mummy, I drew you a picture". And a smile grew on the mum's face. And I just imagined that feeling. That feeling when your child showes you that he loves you and he tries to cheer you up because he hates seeing you upset and crying. It was so moving for me. Tears threatened to fall. I felt a really strong longing in that moment. I can't wait to have children, to give all of myself to them, to be a great mummy. Oh how I wish to have a family of my own. It's got to be the best feeling in the world.

I wish you all to have a family and experience the love that only a family can give you.