If you're reading this, thanks for clicking. I promise not to bore you.

I'm a fiction writer, aspiring blogger/vlogger and all around fashion-makeup-travel-skincare-and-fitness whore on WHI. Nice to meet you. (jk about the whore part, but still)

That is what my articles will consist of mostly, along with other announcements or events I will be sharing with you.

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Or if you'd like to get a gist of what I write before making that decision... Check out my previous post 'A Worthy Introduction.'

If you want to continue reading this and get to know me, let us begin...

Born and raised in New York City, has a cat named Owl (her nickname is Owee), writes on Wattpad (look for @_noelleking423) and has a poster in her room that says, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost."

I've been writing since I was young. The first thing I ever wrote was a fanfiction (of what? I will never tell). I'm often accused of looking intimidating when really I'm just nice and kinda awkward.

Anyway, writing is the one thing that has constantly let me explore while I sit in the four walls of my room. (Side note: No, I'm not one of those Twitter trolls or comment section trolls.) I try to be inventive as I can, but no matter what someone is gonna be copied in some way. TBH, everything in fiction has been written already, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from writing. It doesn't discourage me, I write and rewrite until I find it acceptable.

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I want to be a screenwriter and have my books on television, maybe in movies but it depends on the offer. But I also want to be apart of the fashion and social media industry.

One thing you should know about me... is that I never want to be labelled as one thing. I never did, even as an ten or eleven-year-old.

So if any of this interested you, feel free to follow the journey.

DM me for requests or questions or just to say hi.