Hi guyss. so a while ago i was in my feels and i wrote this poem, by the way i have never written stuff like this soo i hope you guys like it :)

They say nightmares don't last forever
but mine hasn't ended yet
three years going strong,
these monsters won't leave me alone
& at night when the world is asleep they come
to remind me of the past that cannot be changed

Oh, the dearest
do you know me, have we met?
i wouldn't say so

we still sit and eat at the same table
but it's not us anymore

oh, the dearest
when did we turn to strangers

oh, the dearest
do you know me, have we met?
we're just strangers now
you don't know me & i don't know you

- this was inspired by my parents divorce and all the things brought with it :)
i'm sorry it's not the best but i'm pretty proud of it bc it's my first time writing something like this :)