Indeed He is Good. Indeed He never abandons US. Indeed He knows how BROKEN WE ARE. Indeed He still LOVES US.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate His unconditional LOVE for US, and how amazing our God truly is? Despite how BROKEN WE ARE, we FAIL HIM every time, DISAPPOINTS HIM, ABANDON HIM from time to time. It really does HURT, if I was ever in God's position, I would weep myself to tears constantly, I would feel HURT, I would abandon YOU

But God is not US, He is indeed a good God.

He > I

He shall exceeds, there should be more of HIM and less of YOU. You can conquer everything in the name of the Lord, for He is the one who protects YOU. To be more like HIM, to see the GOOD in BADNESS, to FORGIVE as if you have been FORGIVEN, and to always love your ENEMIES.

I think it's important to remind you guys how indeed BLESSED we are, and that we need to constantly be THANKFUL and NEVER FORGET our Creator, who constantly be there for US. And that I pray that I will always be more like you Lord every single day, because your goodness is indeed GOOD, and how blessed I am to be constantly surrounded by your LOVE. And I am forever thankful for YOU.