I strongly believe in new beginnings. Not just fresh starts but the kind where we ourselves begin to think, to act and to react in a better way. We decide on a healthier highway to achievement.

Today, life moves fast; decisions need to be made quickly. This opens the opportunity for mistakes to be made. Everyone has had this happen. It's like random mutations that occur naturally in nature.

How we handle the mistakes, not the errors themselves, is what counts. Life is a long fantastic journey. How do you get back on the "right" path?

First, be honest. Do a little positive assessment, meditate with some compassion and have the courage to change. Take one area of your life and clean house every week.

Reconnect with your friends and family. You honestly need their love and support. Stop kidding yourself. Forgive and forget.

Be grateful. Look at what you have as a blessing. It could be gone tomorrow. So many people in the world would trade places with you instantly.

Then, take a look in the mirror. Love yourself. You cannot restart until you care deeply for that reflection. For you are travelers on the same highway, sharing the same memories, living each moment as one, beginning together again.