Hey everybody,my name is migena and i live in Portugal.i have so many friends there but i have and so many enemies but for me is so hard to find out who is an enemy and who is a friend.This is so sad i know.This thing was hard when i was young now that i am older i see the difference.You did everything with a girl, you stay with here in her bad moments,you believe in her when the others thing she is a liar,you rise with her and now she says that you are her enemy.This is what "your friend"did you.You fight with this girl,you are happy when she go to detention,you will do everything to make her feel bad and now she says:You are my friend.This is what an enemy says you.What is up with this world we live?Why friends can't be friends and enemys enemys?This thing happens me all the time.I AM TIRED.So be careful with the people you meet here,from your bff best friends forever they turn to bff :bitchy fake friends

Originaly by migenalamaj