Get up earlier

This doesn't sound so appealing but it will make you feel better. Just set the alarm clock a few minutes earlier and the chances that the day will become amazing are higher. And you want that, don't you?

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Read, have a cup of coffee just take time to relax, especially in the mornings.

Write a list of things that make you happy

During our busy schedule we often forget the things that make us happy, for example going for a walk, singing or calling your grandmother. Write a list of those things and do at least one of them every week.

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Extra tip: Make a collection of those things on WeHeartit.

Learn to listen to yourself

That's so important. Trust me. If you don't feel like doing something than don't do it. But vice versa don't forget to do things that you would like to do. :-)

Walk to work

It is a great to spend some time by yourself before you start working. You can gather your thoughts, really wake up and get some extra exercise in just one simple task.

Call someone

Whenever you feel overwhelmed have a chat with someone. The other person can put you in a different world or gives you great advise.


Take a moment, sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Two seconds in, four seconds out. In, out, in, out...

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Extra tip: Go outside - alone - and enjoy the fresh air.

Make your bed everyday

It will not only make your room cleaner but also your brain.

Go away for the weekend

Take a break and drive to a place, where you can relax. It sometimes is good to go somewhere else.

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No smartphone/laptop before bed

But away your electronic devices ten minutes before bedtime. Spend the time thinking about the positive things that happened today.

A well spent day brings happy sleep.
- Leonardo da Vinci

Have a nice day! x Nicca