Today I wanted to take advantage of WHI's articles to make a list of things that make me happy and things that I would like to do

Funny TV Shows: actually, I am watching New Girl and Veep .
They make me laugh a lot and I can forget my thoughts for a while, the good thing is that they are short chapters, about 20-30 minutes or, so and I can see them anytime I need it :)

Bubble Bath: I love it! Its so relaxing and you can use bomb baths while you are listening to some good music.

Talking with someone you love about what you feel: It is good to talk sometimes about what you feel, even if it is difficult, you can talk to a close friend, your mom, it does not matter, as long as you trust that person. Take off from the bad things.

Discover new music: This is most exciting! Find new music with which to connect, sing, dance or remember, music that makes you see that there are things you have not yet discovered. You can put random songs in Spotify or ask a friend, or here in WHI, ask other users, search collections, there are thousands of ways! ;)

Delete numbers: You do not have to have contacts that are not good for you. Removes all the toxic people, at first it's difficult, I know, I'm going through that. But there comes a point in your life where you have to choose, and you have to choose you, you have to take care of yourself, stay away from people who are not good for you in these moments of your life.

Change something: Whatever. It changes something in your life, it can be your hair color, your style of dress, your way of acting, of thinking, the music you listen to, changes something that you think is leaving you stuck in your life.

The past is the past. Leave it there: Ok, you've done bad things in your life, we've all done it. Thinking about things that have already happened will not change the future.
Listen to me, everything happens for a reason, keep your head high and love yourself.

I love you very much honey, I believe in you