Hey! My name's Katie and I've been on WeHeartIt for a while, although I tend to forget about this platform for the time being and focus on other things. On my profile you'll find aesthetics, I tend to just Heart anything that I think fits in that specific collection and it sometimes works haha. Aside from aesthetics you'll find a collection about interior design (titled architecture), The Walking Dead, and pictures that give me apocalypse vibes, and others that just totally creep me out!

Moving on to talk about myself--I'm a massive Harry Potter fan, I love to write and sing and read, I'm also a fan of anime although I don't spend too much time on it haha. I will if I really get into a show.

I used to take piano lessons as a younger child but unfortunately I stopped practising, and I just started getting back into playing this year, but as like a total, 100% newbie. I aspire to be one of those pianists that can capture everyone's attention and bring on tears but it doesn't seem like that's happening anytime soon!

Thanks for checking out all my collections, and I hope you guys like them! I love just browsing and adding to them, and it really helps relieve stress and all that.

As this article is starting to drag on, I'll end it here! Thanks for reading.

Signing off;