Hey guys it is Aya ..i will gonna write my second article and i hope it gets ur admiration..

first the idea of the article i got it in a funny way ..i was watching a video on youtube that was talking about types of students in school and then i got the idea hahah ,,

i do not have a lot of types but i will write the types that i see!!

Types of people on whi:

it is the type of people that are only hearters ..only heart people posts only and those people usually have a ton of hearts and collections and they are not a lot as i see but they really fill all the home on ur acc 😂


that type i used to be one of them before ,,those are the people that only use whi to search for pic like (their fav band or actor..etc)..and they do not heart images or post also


that type that iam currently now ..those are the uploaders they post pic that they like and have collections of different things and some of them have their own style of pic ....


The forth type of people on whi is those people who repost someone posts always not repost from only one but from a lot of people and those people in my opinion have no style at all just reposting....


No.5 is the people who use whi it for posting just to get followers not to have fun ..whi is really a fun app ..i do not like that type at all ..those people will get bored too quickly and they will left the app after a while ..cz if you are having a fun from something you will not leave it ever imao!!


is that type of people that has like a ton of acc on whi and post from all of them once and that type is really annoying

that is really what i have for now ..if you are still reading thank you !! and i hope it gets ur admiration !

If i had forgot any type just tell me in my acc ..

bye bye