You say you love me, yeah I love you too
But I don`t know if I really want to
You think you own me
You think you have
But what you really have is nothing
You are my father
Still that doesn`t matter
Like a dog I see you treat me
Wait, no, a dog at least can get a treating
Don`t get me wrong
I still admire you
How you get from angry with me
To lovely and fancy with others
Fucking bipolar, yeah that`s what you are
I`m not the only one, you make it very clear
Who can see this part of you
But it is wrong to show that, to just, your family
You scream, you yell, you tell us things
That in my heart I believe that you don`t mean
I know it`s hard to be a father
Who works all and every time
So at the end of the day
I still hang on that light
That light tells me
Someday I`ll be long gone this town
So at least enjoy this time
Before it all fades away
and my sweet papa will be gone
I love you daddy
With all your bads
You`re my parent, my maker, my guide
Forget what I said, remember
Your daughter loves you, forever !