He slowly gazed into her bright blue eyes, as if he could reach out and touch her soul..She was both frightened and afraid, for he was holding her hand so tightly...Her bracelet sunk in her veins...causing it to bleed...The pain was visible in her eyes
A tear fell from his dark brown eyes...And he said to her,
I love you...I love you so much, another tear
Every pain you feel I feel and the pain you are feeling right now is causing my heart to shatter into a million pieces
She gasped for air, her eyes wide with shock.She no longer felt the pain...Instead, she was now in trauma so deep she didnt realize her eyes had sunken in and her chest was heavy
Slowly, something imprinted on her arm,it was his name
there in italic bold black, showing the world the evidence of his true love for her
and at that moment she knew she loved him too
her blood disappeared for the power of true love had caused it and the same power healed it too
He reached for her lips,tears flowing from both their eyes,for at last their souls had united and their forever had begun