Watching the sunset at the beach, I remember how fleeting life truly is, how situations, people, feelings flow in and out of our tiny world.

The view was beautiful, the sun setting on one side of the beach and the full moon rising on the other. The sea in between. This is the circle of life. The cycle or the spiral. The sun sets and the moon comes. However, the sun never sets in the same place, and the moon never rises in the same location. They never bring the same colous into the sky. They always bring beauty but never in the same way. This is how we have to look at our lives. For so similar one’s life circunstancies may seem, they are never exactly the same, so they are never as bad as last time, and they can or can not be as good, but always beautiful. We are constantly evoluing, so we are never the person we were yesterday or a year ago, so obsiously we are never going to experience something the same way twice. We are never in the same spot, just like the moon and the sun. Our feelings come and go and they always bring different perspectives, they always bring different colous to our own sky. This is so beautiful, how nature and us are so alike.

And in this stage, I realize the importance of being present. To capture the beauty of the sunset, the beauty of our lives. We don’t fully enjoy the sunset by taking pictures or minding what others around us are doing. We need to really be there, with our mind and soul, listening the sea songs, looking at the colours grading starting with the sand, then the waves, the most deep sea, the sky, blue, violet, pink, almost white, blue again, the moon, blue, white, pink, orange, red, the sun. Sucking all the beauty of the view, absorbing all the positive energy that nature gives us, enjoying the present moment, and realizing how lucky we are, and how life can be so amazing just by observing and being.

Remember: you are exactly where you need to be right now. Let the sun come, let the sun go, because something equaly beautiful is about to flow into your own sky. This is the circle of life.

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