I never really considered myself as it, but as i have earned money from the articles i have written i guess i could say i am a writer of a kind?

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I have discovered writing when i was really young - it started with me writing songs, some of them, and i will keep fake modesty for myself, are actually pretty good. After discovering the magic a thought put on paper can produce, i never stopped writing, i only discovered new things to write about.

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When i was in high school i got brave enough to start writing a ''book'' my mistake was that i wrote it on my pc and not back it up. 500 pages of love have disappeared in the blink of an eye...

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Now i have one notebook with unedited text on more than 800 pages and story in it has not even started.. it definitively needs serious editing, but i am not ready for that just yet. I am in my procrastinating phase...for couple of years now.

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Sence then i have started many stories, but i never finished any of them - i dont know why. When i start writing i have an idea and i know where i am headed with the story, but in time i change it so freaking much that i find myself cornered.

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The fuck have i done?

I found that blogging can be both rewarding, not going to say easy but .. easier.

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Blogging is fresh like an autumn morning

I have started my first blog on my birthday 5 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday! I was still in high school, summer vacations were just a few days ago and I was under huge stress because i had few grades to correct before the end of school year. I sat at my PC and thought how i needed to write, but i needed to write things that people will want to read and maybe be influenced by, i just needed to make something that will be of USE .

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The blog I started was about fashion, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, so it only seemed normal for me to share my opinions on fashion.

That dream still exists and is only stronger because I think that now I am more aware of what the job of fashion designer would mean and what my capabilities and talents are. And I have gained so much knowledge through my blog!

When you are writing about something and you are serious about the things you write, you have to do a research, follow trends and happenings - and 5 years of doing just that for my blog has made me get to know fashion from a closer point of view.

I have had the opportunity to earn money from writing which is what kept me extremely motivated. Not only do i write one of many blogs i have, i am also a ghost writer for people who have blogs from all around the world.