Okay, everybody is so excited about this new 'article' thing and today I read a lot about people here and it was just so cool. Until now I can't talk/write through We♥It, altought this is the most used community for me. So I'm really happy now, I can talk to you! I will introduce myself, haha.

First of all, my name is Theo, as you can see. It's a nickname, I use on the internet and sometimes in my real life too. I know it's a boy name, but who cares? Yes, I'm a girl, I'm 16 years old and high school student. My country is Hungary in the middle of Carpathian Basin. I study english as my first language, and german as my secod. ((Altought I can't speak german, cause my teacher is not that good...)) I'm a shy type of person, who loves write and draw and alwasy listen music. Music is my life. If I can't listen music in the mornings I'm tired all day and have a bad mood.

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I'm in love with the japanese culture since 2012. Japan one of my big dreams, I would like to studie the language a few years later, so I want to go university. Since I love Japan, I watch animes and read mangas. My favoutie is Death Note and Shingeki no Kyojin, but I really love Kuroshitsuji, Haikyuu and Yuri on Ice too.

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I found kpop almost three years ago and since I'm in love with it. My favourite kpop boygroup is Teen Top, but I love Nu'est, Vixx, Seventeen, GOT7, Monsta X, KNK, Winner and NCT too and my favourite girlgroup is Mamamoo, but I love Twice, Weki Meki, Stellar and Gfriend. And after I found kpop I found jrock. Mejibray is my life, just like Zin (now Yusai). But I'm also like Killaneth, which is sad that they are disbanded.

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My favourite colours is pastel colours + black and white. I'm a pastel princess (not). Here is one of my favs album.

I hope you liked it and know me a little bit more^^

- Theo