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This article is going to be about how to get over someone.

No matter what meant a person to you, a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, getting over someone can be a long and difficult process. I know what I'm talking about because I'm a sensitive person and I give to easily my trust. I had already plenty of situations when I had to forget someone not because I wanted, but just had to. I would like to give you some advice to help it.

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Forget the past with that person I think that is the most difficult part to handle. Overthinking. Yeah, that's the biggest struggle cause it's difficult to get rid of that bad habit... This person is the only thing on your mind. You miss him/her and the memories just can't stop scrolling through your mind. According to me, the best option is to start thinking more about your friends and remind you of your best memories with THEM. Stop thinking about how it could have been with the other person if.. you hadn't done that, and've done this instead. Never tell yourself it's your fault cause you're thoughts are already a big battle for that person who apparently, isn't interested anymore in the relationship. Just let him/her go. Time to move on !
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Talk about it with a good friend Trust me, keeping stuff that is destroying your mind is the worst thing to do even if you're a strong person. It's okay to feel bad and it's not a problem to share your sorrows to someone you trust. Try to do as many activites like shopping with your best friend, or jogging... All the kind of stuff that will distract your mind
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Never lose hope There is plenty on new things that wait for you. You can't stay stuck thinking about one single person and that you can't live without it. Go out, make new friends, try to replace that person as soon as possible exactly like he/she replaced you. Save in mind that good things are about to happen, but only you can decide when. As soon as you recover from your old feelings, you'll be able to accept new ones from another person
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Don't replace your relationship by smoking, drinking alcohol or overeating It's seem so easy to quit, but it's NOT. Smoking and drinking may you make you think is a good way to help the forgetting process. Unfortunately, even if forgetting is long, if those bad habits become everydays habits, you'll regret them after. It will have bad consequences on your health one day or an other, so instead of listening to temptations, replace it by short-time activities such as a call to a friend, or watching an episode of your favourite TV series.
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Don't stalk this persons life It won't help you for anything. It'll make you wonder more about him/her and discovering the newest infos (such as a new girlfriend/boyfriend) may hurt you even worse. Even if you probably don't want to do it, a good option would be to delete that person from your social medias and don't hear about it anymore. Try to avoid conversations about that person until you're not over it
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Hold your own diary or scrapbook But first, what's that ? It 'a book where you can write your worries, your sorrows, write about all the little things that make you sad BUT also the cool things you had been doing recently. That's a nice idea that'll make a timelapse of those bad days. You can also draw in your scrapbook, write thoughful quotes and things that make you laugh
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Thank you very much for reading this article, it's short but I will add soon new things on it. I guess sometimes it's difficult to find the right words for feelings.

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