So, there is something new again and I'm excited- just like everyone else i guess- to try it.
First of all: it is amazing, that i can now really "speak" to you. Not just the little texts in postcards or something underneath the pics.
No, i can really write and describe what happened these days or what i think or whatever. And i think, i will use it.
Since whi is the only network, website or whatever you feel like to call it, that i use regularly there is also going to be a frequent use of this new tool. I already started here and there- handwritten or on computer- some "blogs" but that didn't really worked out for me. I'm a person who has to go through at least four months of regular action just to get something going over more than a few days and here it is.
My blog with pics started some years ago, i don't know really when, but now it is a great part of my life. Well, if there is enough internet capacity left for loading the pics. And now the articles.

Well, this time there is nothing really exciting to say to do, but when i got to do some thinking, have some poetic outpourings or experienced something unordinary, then i will share it with you.
Prepare for february, then i'm going for half a year on some huskyfarm in finland. I'm already excited.