heyy, that's pretty much my first article and it's quite personal already:D but i feel like so free here on WHI, you know.. so WHATEVER I'LL JUST WRITE IT!!
well, it all started in like march? i guess.. we were in teh same class, we 'dated' when we were little kids and this year i became best friends with one girl from our class(let's call her Alex lol). she was his friend and she had a crush on him. as i started hanging out with her and him, i became a little bit closer with him but not best friends yet. but we were hanging out and hanging out and hanging out and when Alex was on vacation, me and him were all day together at school. that's the part where we bacme best friends! well it was just hugging to one day. that one day, we were sitting in a park and he had to leave already so he gave me a kiss on my lips. so from that time it was hugging and a little kisses on lips or cheek or forehead, you know:D i felt kinda bad for Alex but right when she came home after like 16days, i told her everything and we found out that we're not supposed to call each other 'best friends'). me and her are still friends, but he barely talks to her. but me and him are still talking all day and everyday. so thankful for that <3 actually, i thought we we're 'friends with benefits' but not so long ago he told me that he always knew that i would'n handle to be 'just¨friends with benefits:D you know, i was kinda confused and i still don't really know what kind of relationship we have but i guess he doesn't too. but i'm extremely happy for what we are. we kinda act like couple but we're not, lol. i just don't feel like dating anyone and so doesn't he.. but this summer we were together like 5 days? yeah i guess so.. it's because he's an amazing athlete and he had a lot of competitons and training camps and then vacation with family, you know. i missed him a lot, i was thinking about him a lot:( when i asked my mom what being in love feels like, she said exactly what i feel so i'm SOOO confused. am i in love with him? cause if i am, i'm fucked up.
nobody's gonna read that probably but i finally expressed myself, lol