okay so, here is a trans!peter aesthetic concept because i fully support this idea.
i am fighting for diverse representation in medias because IT DOES MATTER, everyone is valid no matter their sexuality, we are all valid and we all deserve to be properly represented in medias.
we NEED more superheroes, characters...who are part of the LGBTQ+ community to help us to be more confident and feel more "accepted".
and i just want to remind you all that we are supposed to be able to identify ourselves as a character in particular.
whatever, here is why i think that peter parker could be a trans (originally found all these ideas on tumblr, i do not own these ideas);

― peter getting bullied for being trans is 10x more believable than him getting bullied for being a nerd
― "penis parker" is actually a transphobis insult. when peter first started packing, it fell out of his pants and flash has never let him live it down.
― ned asks him "do you lay eggs?" even though only female spiders lay eggs because ned knows peter is trans.
― peter is shorter than the entire cast.

well, finally, this is just my own opinion, and i really like this concept, so i wanted to share it as much as possible!

(i am truly sorry if this is non-sense, i'm a french girl who's still learning english)