Hello everyone!
I am so excited to write this.So,how are you guys?Hope you are fine .
Are you bored?In this article you will find many things to do.

1. Just stay in your bed,sofa or wherever you are comfortable for just 5 minute in total silence and think.If you do this daily will help you very much to think more positive.

2. Listen to music and if you want to,dance.

girl, music, and grunge image

3. Talk with a person.

4. Write poems,songs,quotes or whatever you want.

book, glasses, and writing image

5. Sing,this is the best thing ever.

6. Sleep.

7. Draw a horrible drawing of someone and gift it to them.

8. Read a book.

autumn, fall, and book image

9. Drink tea or cofee.

coffee, drink, and cup image

10. Go for a walk.(do it for these beautiful season😊)

11. Make a video and if you want post it somewhere.

12. Play with your pet if you have one.

cat, kitty, and animals image

13. Style your hair with a new model

girl, haïr, and tumblr image

14. Order pizza.

pizza, friends, and funny image

15. Draw.

disney, aurora, and sleeping beauty image

16. Cook for yourself,for friends and for your family.

17. Do a puzzle.

18. Invite a friend to your house.

19. See cool facts about zodiac.

20. Attempt some intricate nail art.

beauty, nails, and fall image

21. Open social media.

22. Go to a shop.

book, library, and autumn image

23. Play with your little sister or brother.

24. Make some diys to your room {especially for fall}

candle, light, and autumn image

25. Open WHI.Inspire others and let others inspire you.

Hope you like it!
A ♰