The messy bun: one of my favourite hairstyles. It's versatile and suits many occasions, whereas it is about hiding bad hair day, tackling a hot day or if just you have long hair (as I do) and you want to get it out of your way while doing something which requires concentration and precision like studying, cooking, reading, drawing or working (I always tie my hair while studying).

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How I do it:

1) I grab all of my hair and pull it as high as I can and to do it I help myself with a brush or a comb.

2) At this point some people like to secure their hair with an elastic, make a pony tail and then use a doughnut in order to achieve a better shape. On the contrary I prefer not to use it and create the shape of a doughnut without it by simply rolling my hair circularly.

3) Then I secure my hair in place using an elastic, but still keeping the round shape. You do not have to worry about it being perfect, because as the name suggests it is a MESSY bun. Just make sure to hide the elastic by pulling your tight bun with both hands in order to make it look messier and effortless.

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4) If you feel that your bun is a bit loose you may want to secure it with some pins.

5) Use hairspray to fix it.

Sometimes I even like to dress it up and style my hair in a bun when I have formal occasions, but in these cases I prefer keeping it less messy and tighter than I would normally do.

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