Hello dear human being!!

- Love yourself.
It's hard but when you get there everything feels better. You will then see what you need and know your own worth. You won't be depending on anyone else's love since you have yourself.
- Reduce the negativity in your life.
The small things usually makes it worse, so stop following people who you dislike on instagram and so on. Cut out people who are treating you bad.
- Stop doing things you hate and start doing things you love.
Start new hobbies and spend more time doing things you want to do. Don't go for a run everyday if you hate it, and find something else. Don't work for an A in math's if it only makes you stressed and focus on other subjects. Don't eat meat if you don't want to, it's everyone else who are doing wrong by eating animals. Stop wearing clothes you don't feel good in, start wearing whatever the fuck you like.
- Don't ever, ever, give a shit what anyone else thinks about you.
You are awesome.

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So maybe you won't be able to do all of these things, but these are just some examples from my own experiences.
Feel free to send me a message about anything and i would love to help / talk.

Love, Tyra