"How does a moment last forever?How can a story never die?It is love we must hold on to.Never easy,but we try" ❤

I think we all have gone through the thrill of love.We all know what is to embrace the thrills of a simple kiss or to feel that you're floating just from a simple hug or even to feel that the person next to you complets you and you could not breath without him/her.But what exactly is love ,beyond smiles and beautiful moments ?

I think all boys should understand how precious a girl can be. How much it matters to her to win her heart and keep it ,to be involved with her and show her how much you love her every fucking day. But above all, love means sacrifice.It means sacrificing your own happiness for the person next to you.

Love has never been easy. A relashionship will always be a challenge ,especially a serious one.Who says love is passing fast ,has never been really in love.The secret of a successful relationship has three rules : Don't lie , Don't cheat , Always be involved !

I hope I've been useful to you!
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