It's not that I don't like their latest comeback concept, I like the song and the outfits in the video. It's the eccessive cute filter the entire video that I don't like. And the lack of sawg-ish(if it's a word) clothes and attitude they're having this latest two month.

It was cute and all that they had their first pink concept, but I'm going to flip tables if they come back again with this concept. Once or two times every two years would be ideal, not each 6 months or so. Please.

I was so bumped up when I first say these teasers but now, I can't find the swag anywhere. I mean even when 2ne1 used to go to the airport, you could feel it from the first sight. It might be because they're still young but hopefully they get passed the humbly/cutie concept quicly.

I WANT BLACK CONCEPT BACK. I want these high fashion all dark concept to be the main theme for their next comeback

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like 2ne1 did with "I'm the best" and "Falling in love" and "Missing you"
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something close to these kind of clothes
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I guess since they're called Blackpink I should expect them to do a pink concept every now and then but I really hope they cut out the aegyo a little more and be more classy.