Okay so, I'm pretty excited about this new article thing and I've been feeling so inspired since yesterday reading lots of articles. I'm falling in love with this community and so I felt the need to make a self introduction so you can see not only the things that inspires me in life but also the person that I am. Here I go

Basic information

My name is Aitana, as you might have noticed. I'm 18 (born on 1999) and I'm from Spain. I'm very tall like actually very tall.


My sun sign (best known as zodiac sign) is Cancer, as well as my moon sign so that means that I'm the best representantion of the sign probably. I don't know my rising sign bc I haven't searched yet for the time I was born so meh. My personality MBTI is INFJ-T, I'm highly sensitive, very positive minded but very dramatic and with very frecuent depressive moods. Very. I'm a really creative and imaginative person, always daydreaming and also with big dreams and goals to reach. I'm very clumsy and indecisive. And lastly, I'm 100000000000% introvert and proud of it.

Things that I love the most

  • Music (my whole life)
  • Art (my other whole life)
  • Photography
  • Fantasy novels, poetry
  • Plants bc plants are friends
  • Cats
  • Anime
  • BTS, Ed Sheeran, Yerin Baek, Bea Miller, Børns my favorite people in music
  • Van Gogh
  • Drawing, singing and playing piano
  • Asian culture specially chinese/japanese/korean and also celtic
  • Asian food yakisoba lover here
  • Boys and girls and non-binary ;))))
  • Journaling
  • Aesthetic pictures i guess that's why i'm here
  • Witchcraft, spiritualism, taoism
  • The ocean
  • The moon

You can tell that I love talking about me idk I've always been like this. This is all that I have to say about myself that you may find interesting idk
Have a beautiful day and do the things you love ♡