Why do we always feel like we can put others down? is it because we feel so bad about ourselves? or is it something else? why do we look upon us? why can't we accept the love? why do we think it's acceptable to burn someone down just because they are a little different? and what about the words? our actions need to get heard, we need to help each other, to support, no more hatred? what do you say guys? you know you feel better helping someone rather than point a finger and laugh at them. we all make mistakes and learn from the wrongs we've done. the paths we took don't define us as humans. we're not machines. there's so much more to see here, don't leave this place please, no matter how dark it gets.
the bittersweet taste in our mouths after we get rejected, you know how that feels, right? think before you do something bad just a little, we can change the world
rather write, paint, do anything than hate other, do something nice, if not for someone else, do it for you, just let the good vibes flow in.
be a little positive hand reaching out, a little light in this full of dark cosmos 🌹💫♡