The Story of Hades and Persephone:

A lot of you will know the general story; One day a young girl named Persephone was sitting in her garden of Spring with her mother, when she ate a forbidden fruit. By eating this fruit, she caused Hades to kidnap her and take her to the underworld with him, making her his unwilling queen.

This is one version of the story, but let me tell you another...

One day, there was a young lady sitting in her beautiful garden of Spring. The ladies name was Persephone, and she happened to be the Goddess of Spring and rebirth. Her and her mother lived peacefully in the dewy sun, day by day checking up on all the delicate flowers that adorned their garden. The colours were gorgeous: ranging from white, to pink, to red, yellow and blue, there wasn't a flower in sight that lacked tint. However, there was only one shade missing, a shade Persephone had only seen once in her life - a deep, midnight black.

Persephone was a lovely girl - long, golden hair, cherry red lips. She was never rude to her mother, or to any of the species which lived in the garden. She was kind, and empathetic, but she was also bored. Very easily bored. She found that things could only entertain her for a short period of time, before they became dull, meaningless. It was around this time on a Sunday afternoon when Persephone and her mother were sipping tea, that Persephone got up without explanation and started wandering off through a maze of bushes. Her mother wasn't worried; It was a known fact that Persephone liked to explore. What her mother wasn't't aware of, though, was the intense desire for more that Persephone held in her heart.

Persephone knew what she was doing as she approached the tree. She knew the fruit 3 branches up would send her to hell with Hades. She wanted it. The blood, the sin, the lust. With greed in her eyes and black in her mind, she grabbed the dark-coloured fruit and bit into it quickly. It took only a heartbeat before the unexpectedly handsome King of Hell to accumulate from pure air, holding his hand out.
"I'm sorry, Persephone, you have to come with me now." Hades said. He had been wishing his whole life for Persephone to eat the fruit, to be with him. He only wants her to be happy... but he wants her to be happy with him. He has had his eye on her for at least a few lifetimes.

To Hades surprise, Persephone smiled a malicious smile, and walked straight past him and into the underworld on her own.

Persephone was not kidnapped. She knew what she was doing. She was not a naive girl, but instead a rather intelligent one. The moment she stepped over the boundary to hell, her long golden hair become a deep, midnight black - the exact shade she had been wishing for since she saw it last, in Hades hair when he visited her as a child.

Hades and Persephone wed, as the tale tells, Persephone becoming queen of hell. Was it unwilling? Absolutely not. Nobody liked Hades in the underworld... But people cowered at the sight of Persephone, as all who knew hell knew she was its ruler. Many a time Persephone's mother wrote to her, but Persephone's replies where always the same. I chose this. I want this. I'm not the little girl you thought I was.

And so, that concludes The Story of Hades and Persephone. Never underestimate a person to be less than they are, just because they appear to be a little soft.