As you close your Eyes tonight, My Darling, as you Close your Eyes with her in your Hands inhaling your sweet Smell. As you drift to the Dream World. Please Dream of me. My Darling Dream of me hope your dreams will be able to show you the Smile wich comes on My Face every Time I think of You. Dream of my Love my Darling the love wich is still Burning inside this Chest on Mine. Dram that I am Happy for you, Happy because you Found what you where searching for. That you Found her that you found your Happiness. My Darling as you Close your Eyes tonight Dream of me. You couldn't give me the Chance to explain my Messed up Heart so I know you wont give me a Chance to tell you am Happy for you, so then Just Dream of it. They Said you had a new Girl Beautiful Slim long Hair blue Eyes kind and has style. From hearing all of that I think I can try to imagine how she's like, she's all that I never was and all that am not. They say saw that they never saw you happy like this Before, these words hurt me a lot but they surely don't know that I wish that I was her making you that happy. I Should hate you my Darling but I dont. Am Happy for you so as you Close your Eyes tonight dream of me. I Hope you see the love wich i have for you I hope you see and understand that this Broken Heart of mine cant Hate you, it dosent understand why it has to be like this but it dosent hate you. I hope you see that you are the one who opened this heart of Mine you tore down the Walls and came Trembling on the Ground, I hope you see that you didn't love it, no you just turned around after realising the things wich were hidden by those walls. I hope you see that despite all that Pain you Caused me, all those sleepless and Painful nights, despite your last words wich dance like the flames of a very dangerous fire in me "I cant love you, you are a mess, your heart is too broken to be loved," that despite all that my Broken Heart just wishes you Happiness and Love My Darling as you Close your Eyes Tonight dream of me.