Hiii everyone,Today I decided to share with you something that has been troubling me for a very long time.You all know we all have a different type of goat.My sister has a white goat and her goat is very dry.I'm half-hooked and my goat is greasy.

I have a cousin who lives in Sweden and I do not want to mention her name here, but mostly, we are not talking.As a little she lived in a place where I too.It's been a few years since she left and changed a lot.She is tall, very handsome, has a short blond hair and she is very insignificant.She is really beautiful and I follow her on Instagram and she's only 17 years old.She has a very nice goat And she is very beautiful without a makeup and I don't know I constantly look at her pictures.And I would very much like to be like her and I look at her.I just do not understand if I'm jealous of her because she's pretty or not? I want to be like her, but here I am not the same standards as the Swedes.But they call it a whore because it's the way it is.She is an example to all girls and I want to be like her ♥Thanks to everyone who read this.