Before I start my article, I want to refer to three things:
1- I would like to thank the "we heart it team" for adding this new feature that enables us to share and write our opinions. THANK U guys ^^
2- This article is motivational and its goal is motivation and encouragement only
3- For anyone who is interested, please read the entire article from start to finish :)
And now let's get started !

Actually I didn't write this article to make you hate your body, Or hate the way you are! so don't get me wrong... you are beautiful, you are perfect !
But if you really have been fed up of this, tired of keeping up with it, trying to be strong and bear it despite its difficulty... There is nothing wrong with the change! CHANGE YOURSELF !
You are tired of trying to be confident, Tired of pretending to laugh with them when they were laughing at you, Tired of the continuous criticism, Of the derogatory words, like:" you're fat, ugly, scared, disgusting, un-sexy, wobbly body..."
Tired of their frozen feelings, tired of pretending as you don't care but in your depths you really care!
I want to tell you that I feel you, I really feel your suffering, Because it is really difficult and it hurts a lot... I'm talking about a personal experience !
I also want to tell you that sitting in your place, crying and wailing It will not help you in anything !
Stand now and change yourself ;)
They will tell you that you are a "loser", and that you will stay like this forever... but you have to prove them wrong !
Surprised them, shock them, Don't convince yourself that you can't do it!
On the contrary, convince yourself that if you didn't do it, who will do it then?
Do whatever you can and use everything you have to change, Not for them, but for you! To feel more comfortable, and to make yourself proud :)
no more disappointment, no more failure !

At the end I would like to say, if you are one of those who are interested or even if you are not, please heart this article. I'm really tired of writing it and it took me a lot of time to think and pick the right words, because I really want the publication to reach everyone who needs it, I want to help as many people as possible ^^
And if you are one of those who hurt and say all what is painful, please stop!
You don't know how painful it is, imagine yourself where that person is and instead of criticism, try to encourage and motivate him ;)

With my greetings, YUYA ^^ part 2 will come soon !