women,from all colors and all kinds.
women,from all cultures and all countries.
women were underestimated for too long.
and unfortunately till this day too.

phrases like "you throw like a girl" and "you run like a girl" are phrases that boys say to their freinds when they're doing something badly and adding "like a girl" as if it's an insult.
those are phrases that girls say to each other and underestimate their power.

but we are smart.
but we are beautiful.
but we are kind.
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if people were truly running and throwing like a girl, they could enter the Olympics and win medals.

to throw or run or do anything badly has nothing to do with being or 'acting' like a girl,
it just means you need to practice more and try harder untill you succeed.

so listen up girls,

saying "like a girl" is looking for an excuse for doing something not very good,it has nothing to do with us.
remember we are stronger and more powerful then what we think we are, and if we want to we can do an amazing things.
never underestimate your power, and don't let other people do that too, prove them wrong.
don't let things like this to hurt you,let them blow through you like the wind.
have faith in yourself girls,
because being a girl is a gift.

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written by lihi israeli.