I discovered Weheartit three years ago and everyday since then I have rreeaalllyy enjoyed developing my page. I started off with a blank canvas just like everyone else and through fashions and styles, moods and seasons it has become a portrait of the personality of me. That is one of the things I love about the site....everybody has a different blog because we are all different with unique personalities.

I enjoy hunting through the Internet and finding the photos that are right for my page. I like uploading photos but I do appreciate some people do not like to do that or have limited restrictions on what they can do so I hope I offer the latest photos for my lovely followers and lovely Weheartit bloggers too.

Now we have the opportunity to write. I am no expert at writing, some people will like my stuff, others will not but I would say to you give it a go, say what you feel and make your page a mini you. Treat your page as a secret diary where you can truly express yourself. If you are having a miserable day write something because out there will be a 'ray of sunshine' who might message you or will follow you and in an instance you will suddenly feel much better and you will forget why you were miserable in the first place. I am sure you will see how many people like your style as you gain followers. That is the way to have a popular page, it is all about you, there are no other formulas. There is no need to follow themes and do the same as others, the theme of your page should be all about you and the stuff you like.

Sometimes I go out with my camera and take photos for my page that is lots of fun. I may go into Victoria's Secret or Mac and see something I like so I just click away. I then enjoy cropping and chopping, colouring and filtering. I cannot draw so to me this is a form of art.

There is always a reason why we spend time doing our page. For me Weheartit is a place where I can express myself, chat to lovely people from all over the world, impress my friends with knowing about the latest trends, fashion and makeup, it is my happy place, all pink and fluffy like falling into a bed of marshmallows and that sums up Bubbbleguumm. I love looking back over all my photos and collections and seeing what I liked three years ago and what I like now. I am excited to see where it is all going to lead because tomorrow will be more amazing than today as my page grows.

If you want to know anything about anything feel free to ask.

I hope you enjoy your page as much as I do. I love living in my Bubbbleguumm world!!

My biggest tip to you......be you, do not be afraid to express yourself and enjoy living in your own individual world!!

I hope you enjoyed my article.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

Here is a link to my articles collection where you will find lots of different stuff.

Love Bubbleguumm x


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