Strength, deepness, faith, loyalty, trust, craziness, and infinity.
These are the ingredients to a perfect love recipe. Strength holds you together. Deepness links both of your souls. Faith keeps you from losing hope in what you have. Loyalty makes you trust each other. Craziness gets your hearts close to each other. And infinity makes both your destinies melt into one.
I think love happens when you completely lose yourself. Unwillingly, he’s your first thought in the morning and the last before you go to sleep. And throughout the day, every single move you make depends on him. Then each day you realize that you started breathing for him. Your heart beats for him. Then you get butterflies and you have the blues when you see him. Your heart starts beating so loud that you can feel your blood spreading fast into every single atom of your body at the heat of fire. Then your skin becomes so sensitive to every single touch. Your emotions possess you and you’re no longer yourself. You realize that you lost yourself in the deep love. And you cannot be saved anymore … In fact, you don’t even want to. You’d choose to sink in love.
Love is a miracle.
Miracles happen in books and films mostly. However, when they happen in real life, they don’t give us the satisfaction and relief we’re looking for. There’s always a darks side of everything. Always keep in mind, that even a white rose has a black shadow.