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Hello there lovely people! My first article is about the power of reading. About how simply words can make one happy, cry, or even depressed. In the following post you will find a list of my favourite books I've read in the past. Please don't confuse this with my all time favourites. I do have books I like more but these are just ones I've read lately. I hope you enjoy it and let me know about your favourites. You can always leave me a postcard.

All the bright places
Jennifer Niven

If you are looking for a book which will fuck you emotionally up, then this is the right one. I has it's up's and it's downs and both will either make you extremly happy or will make you super sad. Also some parts will scare the living shit out of you. Don't take me wrong. It's not a thriller but some parts are just horrifiying. On the other hand it is a really beautiful book. I recommend this to all those who love to wander and to all those who sometimes feel lost. The storyline is just beautiful and heartbreaking.

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Rainbow Rowell

Next up I would like to mention "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. If you haven't read it already, then do it know. I highly recommend this to all those fangirls and fanboys who are out there. Especially to those who deal with major anxiety. This book may help you open up and see how the protagonist Cath, a total introvert, deals with these kinde of problems. The book is really funny and the lovestory is so damn cute. Also they way she is fangirling and writing fanfictions is so accurate.

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Looking for Alaska
John Green

Just like every John Green book I've ever read this one is really captivating, too. I love how his protagonists are somehow a little bit awkward but also really really interesting. If you like boarding school novels with pranks and stories of wonderful friendships, this book is the right one for you. But this one is also very dramatic but I love that kind of dramatic. I really don't have the words to explain this but the way John Green wrote down their thought and the way everything fits perfectly is just great. I don't want to tell much about it and leave the rest to you.

It's a good read! Also there is a lot of smoking. John Green perfectly described the phase in which a teenager develops his or her interests and creates his or her character. I would also recommend "Paper towns" to you but it is very similar to "Looking for Alaska". Not the same but there are definetly intersections. The whole point about paper towns is the huge road trip. That book is also very beautiful. Both of the books have this specific depth.

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Thank you for reading! Stay lovely

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