Why do I always want to cry out of nowhere?
What is that feeling spreading it's tentacles everywhere?
It's taking me over, bit by bit, and I can't do anything against it.

Help me fight it.
Help me destroy it.

Even if I destroy myself while getting rid of it,
I still want to be free.

Free like the tears running down my cheeks.
Free like the breath I exhale.
But as long as my true self is in jail,
the prison I built around my old self,
I can't start to run.

I'm tied down to this dark place I'm in,
without realizing, I go deeper and deeper,
while searching for the exit from this labyrinth.

I'm tiered of this blue world I'm in.
I want to break free and take me over again,
my body and mind are still awaiting me,
I have to awaken me.