I'm stepping well out of my comfort zone here--doing something I have never done before. I am giving you Hearter's out there a piece of a story I am writing. Its something I have been working on for quiet a while now, and I'm sorry if it's not perfect. Sorry for spelling, grammar and other mistakes, it has not been edited.

Blinking, my grey eyes glistened from the hypnotic spill of sparkle across the dull hardware floor around my naked feet.
The more I stared the more I forgot the dusty, haunted attic I stood in as a flicker sparked in the back of my mind, bringing a distant memory I believed was forgotten forward into the vision that caused everything around me to perish in dust clouds…
A soft melody of music played from the grand piano behind me. It was loud with a dystopian edge that wanted my soul, but it reminded me of smiling angles somewhere a distant away. I think they were weeping, too.
But black in the mist I was just a mare shadow in the wall, unable to focus until a diamond caught my eye, just like the one from the attic, and suddenly everything was crystal clear.
People danced in the ballroom before me. Men wore suits and the women wore gowns as they danced as if the world didn’t exist, but it didn’t compel to me like that. It was look being stuck in the 16th Century, but a lot more mysterious.
My eyes continued to search the ball, as if I was looking for someone when my eyes stopped on one man with his back turned to me.
He stood looking out the window at the moon—a lonely man confided in his own solitude, and something in me weeped in sorrow and I was moving into the light towards him.
My black dress swept across the golden floor, and each step the wax on candles scattered around the room were burning out, but still had it’s vibrant golden effect.
Couples moved around me, blocking my view and
when they faded so had he. Turning, I felt frantic for some bazaar reason, but he had me in his grip before I could register, waltzing me with an tender look.
And all I could do was stare, mesmerised, forgetting my pride.
He was the only one wearing a silver bowtie, and something inside me told me it was especially for me. And his eyes that reminded me of coal dazzled in mine, deep and blissful.
I felt warm and safe in his grasp that was so gentle yet harsh, as if he was afraid.
And when we slowed and he rested his forehead against mine, his breath hot on my face.
“You don’t know how many years I’ve waited for you, woman.”
My heart swelled.
“My solitude can only be taken away by you,” he said then kissed my forehead and we contained to dance.
Under the candle light we danced for eternity, saying nothing more, but our eyes said everything when something cold past through me, causing me to flinch form his touch.
It felt like sharp ice.
His face fell and darkened as he took a step back, hands behind his back, but there was still hope in his gaze.
“I can’t change what happened, neither of us can. You can’t condemn yourself, I need you to be happy…for me.”
I shook my head, trying to reach for him.
“Irina, I need you to listen to me,” he said sternly, “you can’t change what I did. You need to stop this path to torment. You need to—“ he stopped, pained, “—move on and forget me.”
I felt something within me struck again, this time more painful, and then he faded with a soft smile.
And then everything faded, including me.