All around the world people are starting school on different dates, for example in America school starts on 22. of August, while in my country it starts on 1. of September. But it doesn’t matter when school starts or how long your summer brake was long. There is so much pressure when it comes to school, about grades,friends...everything, because at this age school is practically our whole lives.

I decided to write an article ( and try it out) about going back to school, because I’m feeling a lot of pressure about going to a new school where i literally don’t know anyone...So i wanted to share my insecurities and hopefully someone will relate and find this article helpful.

Since we are in an era filled with online communication we’ve grown to be a bit antisocial when it comes to face to face interaction, including myself. I’ve been so buried in my phone and books surrounded by people I’m comfortable with out the need to fill every silence with talking or the need to even be polite to each other. So meeting new people isn’t much of a strong side of mine.

I try acting like I don’t care, like I’m so confident, but it is hard.

When it comes to homework and studying I’m a bit afraid of that to, because the school I’m staring is pretty hard and demanding. I’ve been an excellent student in my old school, and it was pretty easy.

School is starting in 6days WISH ME LUCK.
All I can say is, try not to think about it to much. The more you think about it the more you will get stressed and the worse it will be, try to relax while you can. And I know that it is easier to say it then do it but JUST BE YOURSELF , because if you pretend to be something you are not it will come out eventually as any lie does.
I know that this article isn’t very original and is filled with cheesy advice but that is something we all need sometimes, because we’re all human and it matters when words of comfort come from another human.


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