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She glares at the dress taking up space on her favorite closet chair, as if in a staring contest. The dress she received at her doorstep this morning. The one that had no explanation on why it was there, expect for a single note. "A dress, one worthy of one so pure."

She scoffed at the thought. 'Give me a break. What in the hell makes you so special?'

The sequins glimmered in the light, practically winking back at her. She stood there in a wet towel, contemplating whether or not she should go out tonight.

Her friends were busy. Lovers were out of town. Even acquaintances were somewhere remote to her... New Jersey.

She had nothing to do and nowhere to go.

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So why was the dress trying to convince her that she did?

It was as if it whispered, "You are worthy."

Either she was crazy or the dress was actually wearing her down. She tried fighting it. Pulling out every excuse or reason on why she shouldn't, but something fought even harder on why she should. This incredible urge finally got her to cave.

She let her towel slip off her body, as though she was shedding her own insecurities.
Gingerly, she picked up the dress by its straps. Examining it even further, she realized two things.
One, there was no zipper.
And two, it looked smaller than she thought.

That in itself could have swayed her against going out. But under the influence of the dress, She slipped it on anyway.

It fit like a velvet glove, luxurious and curve hugging. Especially curve hugging.

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The girl who thought she didn't have much of a curve to her body, suddenly had all the ones she's ever dreamt about.

She was different. She felt it all around her. Like she was floating and not drowning as usual. She was no longer mundane.

She was worthy.

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