Hey guys - in this article I want to talk about creating beautiful collections, and share a few of my most popular boards. I started my first WHI account in 2014, but didn't like the aesthetic of it (hi 2014 Tumblr posts and galaxy overlays), so I started fresh. I have been Desi (or @tem_y) for a little over a year now, and I have been amazed with how much love my collections have received.

My Journals collection has been the most popular by far, and it has been accumulating followers ever since last year. It's a collection of sketchbooks, journals and notebooks - anything you can write or draw on really.

What made this collection such a success was simply that I was hugely passionate about journals at the time of creation. That's the most important tip I can give you, as cliche as it seems (but cliches are cliche for a reason - they're usually right):

Focus on what you love.

It really shows if you aren't passionate about the collections of images you are curating. If you're into making aesthetic boards for each Harry Potter character, do that - if you want to keep every photo of perfectly-done nails in one place, go ahead. There are tens of thousands of people here who share your interests, and they will be thrilled to see your work.

My second most popular collection is one of my favourites - Sirens and Sea Witches. I have a bit of a thing for mermaids. I definitely wasn't expecting anyone else to, but We Heart It seems to have quite the mermaid fanbase. This just strengthens my message that you honestly can't go wrong collecting what you love. Another collection I love is Royalty - another board that is 100% just for the aesthetic of it all.

Using tags and adding descriptions to your collections are crucially important things to remember. That's how people find your work! Use keywords to make sure that as many people find your collections as possible. Think about variations of what you are collecting - for example, 'journal', 'notebook', 'sketchbook' - think about what you would search to find your collection!

- Desi