Its just a normal Saturday afternoon for me, laying in my bed, watching one of my favourite shows (vampire diaries for those who are interested). I decided to have a small intermission, by of going onto WHI obviously. Upon doing this I saw the new articles notification flashing green. Pretty damn hard not to notice it to be honest lol. So naturally I felt compelled o write something poetic. Doing great so far hey?
Anyway, I'll cut to the chase.
Recently in Australia there has been a voting poll of gay marriage, I personally feel that it was absolutely not "advertised" enough. I asked my parents if they voted and their reply was "when is it?", so no it wasn't advertised enough. the topic of gay rights is something that shouldn't be voted on in the first place, the gay community should be one of the equal rights ALL people have.

It also really bothers me that as I am only 16 I have no right to vote, I am speechless in a topic that clearly makes me want to scream. And it is bullshit.
I'm sorry to start this off negatively for my account. But it popped into my mind and the fingers on my hands just started tying.
You are loved. have a good day/night.